Braces/ Orthodontic Treatment

Braces can be critical to the future of your oral health. If you or your child shows signs of problems with bite and chewing, schedule a consultation appointment for getting your teeth braces in New Delhi soon. Don't let crooked teeth stand in the way of a confident smile!

What are the different types of Braces?

Clear Aligners

Braces/ Orthodontic Treatment

CAD/CAM Aligners are one of the best ways to get the smile you've always wanted. It is a significant advancement to the current concept of Adult Orthodontic treatment without using conventional methods of wires and brackets.The technology innovation of Invisible Aligners not only gives the benefits of comfort, aesthetics and hygiene to the patient but also offers control and predictability to the doctors in the course of treatment.

  1. You can now get your teeth straightened when others can hardly notice!
  2. This is a braceless orthodontic treatment using clear aligners
  3. In this clear plastic trays are customized for every patient using CAD/CAM technology
  4. Since they are removable, you can eat and drink whatever you want during treatment
  5. You can also brush and floss normally to maintain good oral hygiene
    Other advantages include:
  1. All ages from 14+ can be treated
  2. Improved smile and aesthetics
  3. Best appliance for gum diseases
  4. Even extraction and complicated cases can be treated
  5. Visual of post treatment result possible before starting
  6. Reduced treatment time

How to include this in your itinerary?

  1. Best for travelers who plan to visit India for a short visit.
  2. Initial treatment planning is required and discussed with the patient./li>
  3. Pictures and study models made.
  4. Any teeth adjustments or other dental work finished prior.
  5. We can even show you the final result before starting. Kindly ask for details on this.
  6. It takes approximately 4 weeks for the aligners to be delivered either to our office or to your country of residence.
  7. All instructions for usage are clearly explained. Any follow-ups required can be done through Skype and other internet media.
  8. Now, enjoy the experience of having a beautiful set of teeth while you travel!

Metal Braces

Braces/ Orthodontic Treatment

  1. These are steel gray in color and used routinely
  2. Mini brackets with latest MBT prescription
  3. Straight-wire technique for excellent finishing

Ceramic / Tooth Colored Braces

Braces/ Orthodontic Treatment

  1. Tooth colored braces with minimal visibility
  2. Available with latest MBT prescription
  3. They are very strong and work as effectively as metal braces

Lingual / Invisible Braces

Braces/ Orthodontic Treatment

  1. These are completely invisible as they are placed on the inside surface of teeth
  2. Latest STB brackets are 30% smaller than traditional lingual metal braces
  3. This allows the patient to speak and eat comfortably and maintain good oral hygiene

Self Ligating Braces:

Braces/ Orthodontic Treatment

  1. Available in both metal and ceramic
  2. These have an auto-lock system to tighten the wires into the brackets
  3. Comparatively less treatment time and technically more superior
  4. Greater comfort to the patient
  5. More hygienic and easier to clean since no bands are used

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