Braces/ Orthodontic Treatment

What are Braces?

Braces are appliances that the orthodontist uses to correct your bite. These braces are either fixed on to the teeth or rest against the teeth and bring about the desired movement.

Why may we need Braces?

  1. Improves your smile.
  2. Improves chewing.
  3. Prevents other dental problems: crooked teeth prevent maintenance of good oral hygiene. This can lead to other dental problems such as dental decay and gum diseases.
  4. Risk of trauma: teeth that are protruding out are at an increase risk of injury to them. This is more so in children during play or due to an accidental fall.

What is the right age to start Orthodontic work?

  1. Preventive Orthodontics: Orthodontic treatment can be carried out in young children between 9-15 years of age. The dentist can foresee any dental problems and take preventive measures.
  2. The jaws are actively growing by 8-10 years of age and therefore a good time to start.

Is it necessary to remove teeth?

To gain space an orthodontist may advise removal of 2 or more teeth to correct over crowding.

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