Children Dentistry

It is important to care for your children's teeth from an early age to that they can develop healthy teeth and gums. Diet, oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are all very important for this. Children's teeth start to develop under the gums before birth. They start to push through the gums between 6-12 months of age. Primary teeth are a total of 20 in number and most children have all their milk teeth erupted by the age of three. Milk teeth are important for eating, speech, smiling and developing overall confidence. Children with healthy milk teeth are more likely to develop healthy permanent teeth when they grow up.

Search for a dentist for children in New Delhi and take your child to a dentist at the right time. Un-treated cavities can cause the decay to reach the centre of the tooth and cause an infection or toothache. This infection can affect the developing permanent tooth bud lying underneath the baby tooth. If the primary teeth are lost at an early age, they will not be able to guide permanent teeth into their correct position. This can result in crowding, crooked or mal-aligned teeth. Follow the saying “Prevention is better than cure.” If you're looking for a paediatric dentist in New Delhi, India - then consult us.

Consult Us :

  1. If it is your child 1st dental check-up
  2. If you notice brown or black spots on the teeth
  3. If your child has pain in his/ her tooth
  4. If you require consultation on braces
  5. If your child has a thumb sucking habit

During the child's first dental check-up, the following things are evaluated:

  1. Number of teeth present
  2. Health of gums
  3. Check for any cavities
  4. Habit evaluation
  5. Braces evaluation
  6. Home care
  7. Diet review
  8. Address parents concerns

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