Our Clinical Protocols

  1. Prevention
    Preventive dentistry is the key to minimize future dental problems.

  2. Patient Education videos and literature

  3. Use of Surgical Microscope/ Loupes
    This enables the doctor to remove decay that is difficult to see with the naked eye. It also helps to get a microscopic seal on crowns thus helps in avoiding leakage, future decay, root canals and tooth loss.

  4. Digital X-Rays
    With this the radiation exposure is reduced by 90% when compared to a conventional film X-ray.

  5. Painless Dentistry
    We practice painless dentistry for commonly considered painful treatments like root canals, tooth removal and implants with the help of efficient anesthetics. We extend a warm welcome to all patients who postpone visiting the dentist for the fear of pain!

  6. Lab Work
    We work with labs that we trust and those which ensure that the final result will meet our specifications.

  7. Strict Sterilization Methods

    Surface Disinfectants
    like Surfasept and Cavicide.

    Ultrasonic Bath
    Instruments are soaked for 45 minutes in bactericidal antiseptic solutions.

    Disposable Sterile Pouches
    Instruments are sealed in disposable pouches and then autoclaved.This results in less handling of instruments after sterilization and reduces cross contamination.

    Disposable Items
    These include masks, gloves, syringes, contact barriers, suction tips, instrument cassettes, distilled water in the chair, UV protective glasses.

    Instruments are autoclaved under high pressure saturated with steam at 121°C for 20 minutes.

    UV Chamber
    After autoclaving the instruments are stored in a U.V cabinet where UV rays continue to keep them sterilized.

    Glass Bead Sterilizer
    This is used for sterilizing small instruments using clear glass beads..

  8. Equipment and Materials

  9. Periodontal Charting
    A complete examination of your gums is performed using X-rays.

  10. Long Lasting Results
    Patients like teeth that look great, feel good and last long. We provide this through our expertise, individualized treatment plans, use of good materials and patient compliance.

  11. Ethical Practice
    We have a panel of doctors who think for you and plan the treatment keeping your best interests in mind. We practice dentistry that we would choose for ourselves and our families.

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