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Complete Denture

Complete Denture

When to Opt for a Complete Denture?
  1. When you want all the teeth to be replaced
  2. When prepare to adjust to the new eating and speaking habits

Will my denture need Adjusting?

Over time, adjusting the denture becomes necessary. With age the gums recede or shrink resulting in a loose fitting denture. This can lead to various problems, including sores or infections. Visit us if your denture becomes loose.

What factors to consider for a new denture wearer?

It's an old saying “learn to walk before you run” certainly applies to the successful, secure and comfortable wearing of dentures.

  1. Feeling of fullness
    New dentures feel fuller because the person has been without teeth for a period of time. The previously sunken facial structures and muscles are now supported with a new denture into a normal position. This feeling eventually goes away and a more youthful appearance results.

  2. Adjustment in speech
    The patient is advised to speak slowly, clearly and read allowed to produce proper speech. This will allow the tounge and other muscles to adapt to the new denture.

  3. Adjustment in eating
    Chewing pattern develops over several weeks. Start by chewing small pieces of soft food and gradually increasing the firmness.

  4. Sore spots and irritation
    Adjustments in denture are needed in the first few days and weeks. If sore spots develop, visit us and we will carefully relieve the areas.

At times the jaws may feel tired and soreness can develop. Removing the denture for sometime provides rest to the mouth and helps resolve these problems.

How do I keep the denture clean?

  1. Clean the denture using a toothbrush and massage the gums after each meal.
  2. Remove the denture while sleeping.
  3. Soak the denture in a glass of water or a cleaning solution.

Immediate Denture

When to Opt for an Immediate Denture?
  1. When you do not want to be seen without teeth at anytime
  2. When prepared to come back for re-lines to improve the fit
  3. When willing to make a new set of denture if required at a later stage

An immediate denture is a complete or a partial denture inserted the same day when the teeth are removed.


  1. The main advantage is that you will never be without teeth in public.
  2. All the healing of the gums take place while you are wearing the immediate denture
  3. Will help you to establish your speech patterns early. You will not have to learn to speak without a denture in place and then later relearn to speak with a new denture


  1. Trial of the false teeth is not possible. One can only see the how the denture will look when it is delivered.
  2. Requires great care after insertion in the mouth
  3. Short term solution.
  4. More expensive
  5. Requires regular adjustments in fitting. Relines are necessary.

Relining an Immediate Denture

  1. Temporary/ Soft Reline: Soft reline materials are used for re-fitting the denture when gums are healing and the denture starts to become loose. This is done in the dental office.

  2. Permanent Reline: After all the healing is complete (about six months after teeth removal), an immediate denture is finalized by a permanent reline material or a new denture made. This is done in the laboratory.