Why is a dental check-up Important?

A check-up allows us to see if you have any dental problems. Leaving problems untreated could make it worse and more difficult for them to be treated in the future. Hence it is best to treat it early OR if possible prevent them altogether.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are very essential in doing a complete and thorough dental examination. Advantages of using digital X-rays are:

  1. Amount of radiation exposure reduced by upto 90%
  2. Faster: the image only takes 20 seconds to appear in the monitor.
  3. Eco-friendly technology: no chemical is needed for developing the image.

Tooth Numbering System

There are different numbering systems used to identify teeth in dentistry. We use both the systems listed below.

  1. Universal Numbering System (1-16) has been adopted by the ADA (American Dental Association). We use this system routinely and is quite useful for our international patients/ tourists who wish to follow-up with their dental work in their country.
  2. FDI Numbering System is a two digit numbering system used worldwide and in India.

Baby's 1st dental check-up-Age One

Children should have their first visit to a dentist after the first tooth erupts or by their first birthday. This will enable the dentist to create a foundation for preventive education and treatment, thus promoting optimal oral health for your child.

Just as your child has several well planned visits to the pediatrician as an infant, creating a friendly dental environment early on will facilitate a future, free from dental decay.

1st visit to our Dental Clinic

For a patient's 1st dental check-up, the following things are done:

  1. Medical history questionnaire
  2. Full mouth Digital X-Ray once every 5yrs as per the ADA (American Dental Association) guidelines
  3. Intra-oral Camera is used to take close up pictures of your teeth and display them on your personal monitors.
  4. Complete examination of your teeth
  5. Periodontal (gums) charting to evaluate the condition of the gums
  6. Visual Exam if X-rays are not possible to take
  7. Study Models
  8. Recommend a customized treatment plan as per your needs and give other treatment options. This will enable you to make an informed decision about your dental health
  9. Discuss any problems you may have had with your teeth, mouth or gums in the past
  10. Talk about your diet, teeth cleaning aids, and if required about the use of tobacco/ alcohol/ smoking effects
  11. Discuss with you a date for your next visit if treatment is required

Recall Visit

After all the dental work is completed, the dentist will recommend a date for your next visit called as a ‘Recall Visit'. This enables us to monitor your dental health at regular intervals.

Generally, the lower your risk of dental problems, the longer you can wait before your next check-up. It could be as short as 3months, 6months or upto one year.

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