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Dental Jewellery

Dental Jewellery

  1. No drilling. No damage. No discomfort.

What is dental jewellery?

This involves putting precious, semi-precious or metal crystals onto the teeth so that the teeth shine whenever you smile!

How do you apply them?

The jewel is stuck on the tooth with an adhesive substance used in dental practices.

Does the application procedure hurt?

No! There is no drilling involved and the procedure is completely painless.

How long does it take?

The process of fixing a crystal just takes 15 minutes.

How long will the jewel stay on my tooth?

The jewel can last a relatively long time. If it gets loose unexpectedly, it can be re-attached without much hassle.

What if it falls off and I swallow it?

The jewel is a tiny glass crystal with no sharp edges. If swallowed, it will come out the natural way.

Can it be removed when I don't need it?

Whenever you wish to remove your crystal it can be taken off by a dentist.