Dental Spa

We believe in providing you with a unique experience during your visit!

No More Dreading your Dental Appointments

We understand the apprehension and the anxiety that comes along while taking a trip to a dental clinic. At โ€˜32 Smile Stone' we make sure that you are absolutely relaxed and comfortable during your visit.

We provide a combination of quality dental care with relaxation using Yoga and Spa Services. The American Dental Association (ADA) supports the dental spas to improve the overall patient care.

Our variety of Spa Services provides an overall sense of well being. One can choose from:

How can this be avoided?

  1. Yoga/ Power Yoga
  2. Body Composition Profile
  3. Diet Counseling
  4. Gold Facials
  5. Fruit Facials
  6. Instant Glow Facials
  7. Aroma Facials
  8. Cosmetology Services
  9. Head Massage with steam
  10. Neck, Hand and Feet massage
  11. Manicure
  12. Pedicure
  13. Under Eye massage with eye masks
  14. Men and Woman Salon

We have arranged a complimentary yoga session to enhance the overall health of our patients.

So, make a visit to โ€˜32 Smile Stone' and enjoy the dental experience more on the lines of a day at the Spa!

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