Plan your Trip


At ‘32 Smile Stone' we recommend the following process to efficiently plan your trip:

  1. Get all your queries resolved at ‘32 Smile Stone' Dental Clinic prior to arrival.
  2. As a dental tourist, you can enjoy the benefit of preferential appointments by contacting us via e-mail or the telephone. You also have the option of booking your appointment through our ‘Make an Appointment' section.
  3. If you prefer, you may get a preliminary dental consultation done by a dentist in your country. You can then e-mail us your X-rays and other pictures for better assessment.
  4. Dr. Shivani would recommend a treatment plan and suggest the number of dental sittings required.
  5. We would give you an estimate in terms of cost and the time required for your treatment. However, the final treatment plan and the exact cost would require a complete clinical examination upon arrival at ‘32 Smile Stone'.
  6. Our travel agent can plan your itinerary according to your required dental visits and for sightseeing.
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