Dental Tourism

Explore India, relax and find your dental solution

Dental Tourism in New Delhi, India has gained immense popularity over the last few years. People from all over the world no longer hesitate to travel and seek dental treatment outside their country.

India is one of the top preferences for many foreign travellers seeking cost effective dental treatment. It is a country with a rich culture, history and tradition. There are plenty of sightseeing places to visit. Moreover, English is a language widely spoken in India especially at the institutions.

‘32 Smile Stone' Dental Clinic offers tourists a customized and a cost effective dental travel plan that fits into your itinerary. We use the latest technology, materials and equipment to ensure that you receive the same quality of dental service like in your country. Since Dr. Shivani Gupta is a qualified dentist from the United States and India, she ensures her patients are satisfied and receive good care in her office.

Cost savings, safety, and a great personal experience are important.

Hence re-discover India and let us take care of your dental needs.

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