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Flexible Partial Denture

Flexible Partial Denture

Are you looking for a solution to restore your beautiful smile? What are your options for teeth replacement in Delhi? Here at ‘32 Smile Stone' we will discuss about replacement of missing teeth in Delhi. Missing teeth cause cosmetic and functional problems, making it more difficult to eat or speak correctly. It can also make the person feel insecure and self-conscious. Moreover, the adjacent and opposing teeth tend to move into the open space causing mal-alignment of teeth.

When to Opt for a Flexible Partial?
  1. When comfort is important
  2. When you prefer an unbreakable and light weight partial
  3. When you want a Metal free denture

Then answer to the above is VALPLAST.
Valplast partials are made from a strong, durable resin material that snaps securely and comfortably around the existing natural teeth and gums. The resin used is so strong that the partial made from it is very thin, eliminating that heavy and bulky feeling.

Metal Base Partial

When to Opt for a Metal Base Partial?
  1. When stability and rigidity of the metal is required
  2. When additional strength is needed for support
  3. When the patient is willing to adjust with the bulkiness of the metal
  4. When the patient is comfortable if some metal or clasps show

These are rigid metal-based partials, which support itself on the gums and the remaining teeth with the help of hooks.