Root Canal Treatment

The root canal is a very delicate area inside a tooth which consists mainly of the pulp. This pulp is rich in nerves which is responsible for the various sensations in the teeth. If this area gets infected by bacteria or other germs, it could result in swelling, pain and discomfort. Sometimes if the pain is severe, emergency dental treatment may be necessary. Consult us for Root canal treatment in New Delhi.

Advanced root canal techniques using rotary instruments have made the treatment painless and comfortable to the patient. Proper sterilization techniques are followed and single visit root canal treatments in India are gaining importance. However, after a root canal the tooth becomes weaker and more brittle than normal. It is therefore recommended to place a crown over it to reinforce the tooth.

Advanced Instruments/ Techniques used in our office

Dental Rubber Dam
it is used for isolating the tooth being treated. It prevents contamination and strong medicines from going down the throat.

Root ZX II Apex Locator & Dentaport Handpeice
This is used to measure the length of the canal electronically and with rotary files. This instrument is considered to be one of the best in the world and the most accurate.

Rotary Files
We use rotary file system to obtain good results using the ‘crown down technique'.

Use of Fiber Posts
Use of posts sometimes becomes necessary to retain the build-up and the crown after the root canal when the remaining tooth structure is not adequate.

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